Crisis Management

Cape PR is skilled at providing an independent and critical look at the issues and potential crises that may arise within your organisation, ensuring you are prepared

Every industry and every organisation has issues that negatively affect the public perception of what you do. A progressive business accepts that not everything is (always) perfect and will be prepared.

We then work through the process to develop crises communication plans, manage these incidents, train spokespeople and ensure you have the very best plans in place to reduce the impact of any potential crisis.

When there’s a mistake and something goes wrong, your organisation’s reputation is at stake and may be destroyed if the situation is not handled correctly.
This is when a solid, reliable PR agency with significant issues and crisis experience will rise to the occasion.

Our experienced team will be the calm you need to find your way through the crisis with professionalism and understanding. We will be right beside you every step of the way.
And we help you prepare for potential situations that might arise, with a crisis management communications plan that you can enact at a moment’s notice.
Our sister company, Spokesperson Media Training, also train leaders in your organisation to deal with the media effectively and confidently during difficult times.

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